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Spiritualized navel-gazing

Tullian Tchividjian wrote another good post on Christian narcissism and describes why the term should be an oxymoron.  He describes how we tend to withdraw “spiritually” to our prayers, Bible reading, and introspection (alone) to avoid worldliness while worldliness by definition is me thinking always about me.  True spirituality takes us into the lives of others as we forget about ourselves.

“The biggest difference between the practical effect of sin and the practical effect of the gospel is that sin turns us inward and the gospel turns us upward and outward.  Martin Luther picked up this imagery in the Reformation, arguing that sin actually bends or curves us upon ourselves (homo incurvatus in se). We were designed to embrace God and others, but instead we are now consumed with ourselves. The gospel causes us to look up to Christ and what he did, out to our neighbor and what they need, not in to ourselves and how we’re doing (emphasis mine)…the irony, of course, is that you and I are renewed inwardly to the degree that we focus not on inward renewal but upward worship and outward service. The more you see that the gospel isn’t about you, the more spiritual you will become.”

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